Focus on HEALTH-care, not DISEASE-care

Every person is unique.  Whether you want to lose weight, decrease unrelenting fatigue, boost energy, treat a chronic health issue, or are looking to optimize your health - we can help.  Our team is committed to building lasting relationships with our patients, and enable everyone to reach their full potential.  

Commonly asked questions:

How we are different

Due to the amount of time needed for optimal treatment, we’ve set up our clinic on a membership-based structure.  This allows us to help you beyond just a 45-60 minute office visit, so you can ask questions and obtain guidance without having to always come in for an appointment.  This is similar to concierge-based medicine practices, except that we focus on particular issues and do not treat all ailments.  

Our most common memberships are a 6-month and a 12-month treatment program, during which time you will receive a personalized treatment plan to fit your needs, 2 to 5 comprehensive blood tests, 2 to 5 comprehensive visits with a provider, and 24-hour access to a dedicated health coach to help you achieve success with nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress and social support when you're not at our office.  

We also offer single visits, if you simply want a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your health.

Please contact us for more information, and to schedule a $99 screening blood test with consult.

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Is our program covered by insurance?

Yes and no.  The medicine we practice focuses on partnership and relationship, rather than in/out efficiency.  We are not contracted with any insurance companies, so we are considered "out-of-network".  This means that we will not charge co-pays for visits, and will utilize your insurance for lab costs (if possible).  What determines insurance coverage is not the company with which you are insured, but your deductible(s), co-insurance, and basically whether the insurance company decides to cover certain costs or not. 

We strive to use insurance when possible, particularly with the cost of laboratory testing.  Unfortunately, in today’s “standard of care” model, our services are considered elective care.  What this means is that majority of insurance companies/costs are meant to cover emergency care, but preventative/maintenance care is not covered.  This is similar to home and car insurance – we pay out of pocket to cover gas, home repairs, and maintenance – and rely on insurance to cover catastrophes. 

Unfortunately, we cannot rely on health insurance for health care – only for “disease management care”.  In a standard of care model, if a physician is contracted with an insurance company, he/she is paid a certain amount for a patient visit by that insurance company. But this reimbursement is often not enough, so physicians are then faced with seeing as many patients as possible just to stay afloat.  This type of medical care is termed “drive-through” medicine.

For our membership, cost varies typically from $50-$99 per month - depending on your insurance.  Lab costs are typically billed to insurance, but if your insurance company decides not to cover all labs, we have other options available.

Please contact us for more information on cost and insurance coverage.

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What do we treat?

  • Weight gain/obesity
  • Fatigue
  • Non-insulin dependent Type 2 diabetes
  • “Borderline” diabetes (aka prediabetes)
  • Thyroid imbalances (Hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, subclinical hypothyroidism)
  • Sex hormone imbalances (peri- and post-menopause, low testosterone) 
  • Adrenal dysfunction

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How does our program work?

Physician-Directed Treatment

Every client receives dedicated, one-on-one time with one of our providers, who will: 

  • Identify any health disorders and deficiencies you may have 
  • Prescribe medication, if necessary 
  • Prescribe nutritional supplementation, if necessary
  • Provide hormone therapy, if necessary 
  • Incorporate sleep and stress therapy into your treatment plan
  • Order additional testing

Our providers treat these key areas of function in your body: 

Insulin Dynamics:  Improving pancreatic function and how the body responds to insulin. 

Thyroid Balancing:  Optimizing of the thyroid function to improve metabolism and function 

Hormone Balance: Treating hormonal imbalance and improving how hormones affect your metabolism. 

Inflammation: Identifying and treating excessive inflammation in the body that arises as a result of prediabetes. 

Vascular Health: Evaluating vascular status, including “good” and “bad” cholesterol levels and other abnormal markers that contribute to diabetes. 

Fatigue and Low Energy: Treating the root causes of  unrelenting fatigue 

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What is a Personal Health Coach?

To ensure success, we partner you with a dedicated health companion—your Texas Metabolic Centers health coach. The health coach provides compassionate support and: 

  • Advises you on medical and nutritional matters 
  • Helps you understand treatment techniques 
  • Communicates with you - and your providers - regularly throughout the program 

The health coach is an invaluable part of the treatment plan and will soon become your close, trusted confidant.

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How are our blood tests different than those ordered by family practitioners?

Comprehensive Blood Testing

To reverse your disease progression, we use a series of 80+ advanced biomarker blood tests to assess your health. We look at both the quantity of a particular marker, AND the patterns associated with each marker.  This allows us to recognize negative processes in your body that aren't yet detectable in health screenings typically offered at your general practitioner's office.

The benefits of comprehensive blood testing include:

  • In depth biomarker analysis, reviewed with you at the time of your clinic visits
  • allows the physician to monitor your progress and how your body is responding to treatment.
  • Lab results serve as a report card, allowing you to SEE that treatment is working.

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Outcomes you can expect

Aggressive, comprehensive, personalized treatment achieves significant, rapid and positive movement of biomarkers and better overall health. Texas Metabolic Centers Outcome Statistics for the 120 Days Program: