Diet sodas: Bubble trouble?

Diet sodas: Bubble trouble?

It’s hot, and you’re thirsty, and just seeing the image of soda above may make you thirsty for some of the bubbly sweetness.  But if you want to lose weight or prevent weight gain, avoid diabetes and heart disease, have pretty teeth, decrease depression, and maintain strong bones - avoid diet soda.  Read on to learn more about why diet soda (and all regular soda) is bad, and how you can break the habit...

Key hormones that affect weight

Because excess body weight can lead to many health problems including inflammation, diabetes, and heart disease it is (obviously) important to keep your weight under control.

For many - in fact, most - people this is easier said than done. Although everyone knows that frequent exercise and proper nutrition leads to weight loss, many people find that the generally accepted rule of eating less and exercising more simply does not work for them.

An imbalance of hormones could be to blame for why your efforts to lose weight may not be working.