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Butter in Coffee? What You Should Know

Butter in Coffee?  What You Should Know

Today, many are familiar with the term "Bulletproof coffee" or "Butter coffee".  It's become somewhat of a fad, and it is tasty (I do my own version every morning), but anyone who partakes in this habit needs to be aware of a few things....

Oil: Friend or Foe?

Oil: Friend or Foe?

Recently, 60 minutes covered a story highlighting the risks of purchasing olive oil in the United States.  The journalist Tom Mueller, who wrote the book Extra Virginity, researched the olive oil industry and estimates that 75-80% of extra virgin olive oil that is sold in the U.S. does not actually meet the legal grades for extra-virgin oil.  

So what are we to do with this information, since we all know there are benefits to extra virgin olive oil?  First, know the best oils to consume for optimal health, and learn the best brands (particularly for olive oil).  And second, learn the best strategies to use when purchasing cooking oils.