Low Sugar, "Healthy-ish" Protein Bars

Although it's best to eat a whole foods, low processed diet, we also know that we are busy people and don't always have time to prepare a healthy snack or meal.  For those of you who like a go-to meal bar, protein bars can be a good option - but you have to be a good detective to find those the healthiest options.  

Things to keep in mind when looking for a meal substitute bar:

1. Sugar content (try to find bars that are under 5 grams of added sugar - gets tricky if dried fruit is part of the bar, though!).  The higher the sugar, the more insulin (aka "fat fertilizer" hormone) you produce, which can cause a "blood sugar rush" followed by a "blood sugar crash".

2. Sugar alternatives (try to avoid bars with sucralose and synthetic sugars - gray area when sugar alcohols are involved)

3. Number of ingredients listed (shorter the list the better).


Here is a list of a few good options:

1. EPIC bars.  What I like to call fancy jerky.

2. Kind bars.  But only those listed as having 5 grams of sugar (not all are low in sugar).

3. Quest bars.  Not my favorite in taste or ingredients (remember Power Bars?  These have that doughy taffy texture), but an option.  Most have a form of sugar alcohol, but try to avoid those that have sucralose.

4. Health Warriors Chia bar.  Smaller, and helps to have a large glass of water with each bar to help the chia seeds expand and fill you up!

5. RawRev Glo Bars.  Full of "superfoods".

6. NuGo Slim bars.  Only the slim bars have low sugar.  


There are others out there, but they don't meet the criteria (or taste test!) mentioned previously.  Also, I recommend taking your favorite, not-so-low-in-sugar protein bar, and dividing it in half or thirds, so you don't get sugar overload - if you have to have that particular bar.  

Do you have any low sugar protein bars, or even recipe, that you recommend?  Please share!