We're here to help you get healthy.

We are experts at looking holistically at our patients—combining lab values, symptom assessments and just plain listening—to improve the health of our patients... one person at a time.

We've all had blood work done through our primary care physicians. Usually, the lab work screens for problems. But what if you could monitor your health and make appropriate changes - often before problems occur - by following particular patterns and numbers through advanced biomarker testing?

At Texas Metabolic Centers, our mission is to reverse the onset of dangerous diseases before they take hold and do irreversible damage to your body. We believe in integrative medicine, which means we only use evidence-based treatment methods to fight disease.

Our Pathway to Wellness begins with listening to what you have to say. Our providers and health coaches spend an average of 40-60 minutes with each patient, each visit!  We then develop a customized treatment model that works in conjunction with your unique needs and lifestyle, as well as your unique biochemistry.

If you're suffering from prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, unrelenting fatigue, hypothyroidism or hormone issues related to menopause or andropause, you can benefit from integrative medicine. We employ a combination of advanced medicine, cutting-edge biomarker testing, dietary planning and holistic therapies to get to the root of your symptoms.

We are proud to say that we've helped thousands of clients successfully manage these conditions and regain robust, healthy lives. Ever single day counts, and you deserve to feel your best for yourself and your family.


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A message from our medical director...

“In order to fight disease, you need to address the underlying problems. This is hard to do if you don't listen to the patient. At Texas Metabolic Centers we work WITH you to eliminate disease.”

Dr. Hopkins earned his Doctor of Medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center in 1996. He has been a physician in Austin since 1999, serving as a Clinical Professor at University Medical Center at Brackenridge Hospital and Dell Children’s Hospital. He has taught and instructed physicians internationally and has volunteered in overseas hospitals and clinics. Dr. Hopkins was honored with a 2012 Top Doctor Award by Austin Monthly and is the current medical director of Texas Metabolic Centers, a group of integrative medicine clinics that treat chronic disease.